These Are Our


01. Services

Tree removal

Is a dead or unhealthy tree bothering your yard? Our experts will remove that tree in a safe and prompt manner. What’s more, we are giving away a Free tree planting to replace the old one. 

Our tree workers pride themselves on their ability to work together in coordination
to bring the tree down without damage to your home or landscaping.
We can haul everything away, or leave the wood for you to split.
Your estimator can give you several options. 

Robert’s Tree Service has a long standing reputation for quality work, a quick
response time, and competitive rates. Our company is always available for all of
your tree care needs. 

Robert’s Tree Service offers tree removal services to Travis County and surrounding areas. You can have peace-of-mind knowing that your satisfaction is guaranteed when you enlist our services. Call us at 512-552-1711 to learn more.

Rely on us for tree Removal and planting. Schedule your appointment with us today.

02. Services

Tree Trimming

Robert’s Tree Service will ensure the removal of hazardous dead limbs that can damage property or cause injury when they fall, promote new growth and tree health, control shape and aesthetic quality. increase strength by eliminating weak branches, improve your view for line of sight safety or curb appeal, reduce mold & mildew build up on roof and siding, branches rubbing against your house or roof.

Trimming branches away from your house helps prevent animals and some types of pests from getting into your house.

Our tree trimming services include:

  • Raising Canopy
  • Canopy Cleaning,  Thinning or Reduction
  • Tree Shaping
  • Application of Wound Dressing Paint
03. Services

Stump grinding

Removing stumps by cutting them out manually can be a back breaking and time consuming. Chemical treatments can speed the decomposition of the stump, but this process can still take even years. 

With stump grinding, the entire process is complete within a few hours.

Call the experts at Robert’s Tree Service 512-552-1711